Theatre for Peace

CPS work in Cameroon, DR Congo, Nepal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Uganda

The second educational manual we are publishing alongside the Building peace series places the spotlight on theatre as an instrument for promoting peace, but also for educating the young generations. Professionals and lovers of the dramatic arts working in the Great Lakes countries (DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Sudan), in Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Nepal present the discipline for us as a technique that can open up multiple horizons in child and adult alike at the level of expression and the development of artistic skills. They also show how it can be thought-provoking and question our prejudices and values. This is a critical first step towards societal change. Theatre is also the stage, the audience and its reaction and interactions with the theme. To speak of theatre for peace means conceiving a communication project that leads to a performance in which adults and young people actively participate and learn to become actors on behalf of their own future.





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