GIZ-CPS - Civil Peace Service Nepal

An Introduction

The book’s primary objective is to offer a glimpse into the work of the GIZ-Civil Peace Service inNepal. We aim to illustrate our goals, good practices, and the challenges we confront. Whileproviding a historical overview embedded in the context of the country, we want to deliverinsights into our fields of expertise and thematic areas. The ongoing project “Dealing with thepast and shaping a non-violent future – strengthening non-violent conflict transformationapproaches for sustainable peace in Nepal” has been implemented since 2022. We collaboratewith local partners to strengthen structures for cooperation and dialogue and work to createsafe spaces where parties of conflict can meet. Our strongest pillars are grassroots CSO’s (civilsociety organisations) that are committed to conflict transformation and peace work. Thispublication puts a spotlight on these vital partnerships.
Our main objective is to strengthen thekey actors in civil society to enable social cohesion and harmony and, together, build resilienceto transform ongoing conflicts and learn from the past to contribute towards transitional justice.





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