Building Peace - Peace work and human rights

This publication draws a link between peace building and human rights work. After an introduction to the concepts of peace and human rights and questions, you will find various experiences on the subject by various authors, for example an article by Christiane Kayser briefly outlining the definitions of the concepts, the latest trends and challenges. The IPI (International Peace Institute) summarizes the issues surrounding human rights and sustaining peace. Antoine Denkhaus, a peace worker in the West of DR Congo, shares his experiences with the potential of psycho-social counselling in redefining the notion of peace in this context. Flaubert Djateng discusses risks and possible protections for human rights defenders in the context of Cameroon and other African countries. Alain Cyrille Abena and Rev. Ebaï Gustav Tabi talk about Moses the African, whom they see as a model of human rights advocacy for positive peace in Africa and Cameroon. Rostin Manketa Nkwahata of the Voix des Sans Voix in Kinshasa talks about the risks and challenges faced by a human rights defenders’ organisation in the context of the DRC. The lawyers Sondirya, Birikunzira and Kasyenene from Goma and Katwa share their experiences in defending the rights of Pygmies in the DRC. Wassy Kambale explains to us what the use of social networks as vectors of new democratic movements can bring but also what the limitsare in the African and more specifically Congolese context.


Lessons Learned




Christiane Kayser
Flaubert Djateng


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Brot für die Welt