Building Peace - Civilian peace workers and conflict prevention

Recently the notion of conflict prevention has spread from diplomatic and military efforts to also concern living together in a given society and therefore requires the participation of the people primarily concerned: the population subjected to potentially violent conflicts. We are living in an era of increasing migration flows due to armed conflicts, natural disasters related to the environment and climate change and structural deprivation engendered by a globalised system that favours a small number to the detriment of everyone else. Solutions for this spiral of violence and suffering cannot be found in advocating a grotesque form of isolationism, erecting fortresses for the privileged, denying the problems and preaching the good word of opening to all without managing the consequences... It is therefore essential to find together new approaches to conflict prevention. In this publication, we propose first of all some articles defining the concept and opening up our vision to global considerations. In the second section, our colleagues and partners working on the ground in various African countries share their experiences.


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Brot für die Welt