Journalism and Dealing with the Past

A Manual for Journalists in Kosovo

This manual is the result of Frequencies of the Past, a conflict sensitive journalism project by forumZFD.  From 2011 to 2013, journalists from different media, ethnic backgrounds and from various regions of Kosovo have joined the project to explore the opportunities to cover sensitive issues related to Dealing with the Past in Kosovo.  

A number of ambitious journalists explored various topics, from local history, cultural heritage, personal memories of older generations, to more sensitive topics such as social changes due to the Kosovo conflict, missing persons, as well as war rape.  As we reached the end of our project, Isak Vorgucić, one of the editors in chief involved in the project, proposed gathering the personal experiences and knowledge that the journalists gained through their participation in the project and to compile them in a handbook, so that more journalists could benefit from the experience.  

This manual is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, nor does it pretend to provide the only valid way to address Dealing with the Past issues. However, we hope that it will furnish a useful manual on key issues journalists face when reporting on Dealing with the Past issues. It is designed primarily for journalists, but we hope that it may also prove useful to civil society actors and all those concerned with establishing a constructive debate on the past in Kosovo.


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