Issue paper on reeintegration of female Ex-Inmates & their children

Only 4% of all prison inmates are female. It doesn’t surprise, then, that most
of the information on prison inmates and, consequently, most interventions
designed for inmates focus on the needs and experiences of male inmates.
In a world where women are still structurally discriminated against, it is
imperative to develop gender-specific interventions in all fields, including the
rehabilitation and reintegration of female prison inmates.
This paper brings together the lessons learnt and recommendations from
interventions implemented with the Uganda Prisons Service in Lango,
Acholi and West Nile. Successful rehabilitation and reintegration can only be
achieved through partnerships and commitment by all stakeholders. Thus,
this paper lobbies for the active involvement of local government structures.
The paper also puts forward recommendations for future interventions in the
fields of rehabilitation and reintegration for women in prison and also for their
children who sometimes have no alternative but to stay in incarceration with
their mothers.


Lessons Learned




Atukunda Sharon
Daniel Ntende J
Irene Mukasa-Erben
Muzamil Ali
Wachal Emma


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