Dialogue for Peace

This brochure seeks to explain how dialogue processes work in rural Nepal. It is the documentary of two very unique attempts to create a peaceful environment in settings that used to be overshadowed by acts violence and mistrust. The areas where those dialogues were held lie in the Southern Terai belt of Nepal, close to the Indian border, one in the Western part and one in the Eastern part. The district of Siraha saw a lot of religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims, whereas in the Tikapur area in the Far Western part saw ethnic tensions between traditionally marginalized communities of Tharus and migrants from the hills. This very interesting attempt to resolve tensions included many newly engaged individuals from all the communities including a sizable number of women leaders. Those who were actively involved are portrayed in the last chapter of the booklet. It gives evidence to a noticeable change in individuals and the larger community. Far from being a completed process it provides a glimpse into the power of dialogue work in Nepal.




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