Civil conflict management


Of course, all CPS organisations specifically prepare their experts for their work in the partner countries before leaving their home country. Knowledge of civil conflict management is a prerequisite for participation in the Civil Peace Service. There are many diverse training and further education offers. You can find out what opportunities the members of the CPS Consortium offer here.

There are many opportunities for qualifying in non-violent conflict management - at home and abroad. Members of the CPS Consortium also offer trainings. The offers are partly modular and some are fulltime courses that last for several months.

Academy for Conflict Transformation (in forumZFD)

The Academy for Conflict Transformation within the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) offers courses, workshops and seminars on sustainable peace work at home and abroad. It is a place for learning and discussion on current issues of peace development, civil conflict management and civil peace services. The qualification course for civil conflict management leading to the "Peace and Conflict Advisor" certificate is available as a nine-week course or an in-service training (in English and German). In addition to a variety of one to three-day training courses, self-learning and online courses are also offered. Lectures and conferences discuss fundamental and current issues of peace development and policy.

KURVE Wustrow - Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action

The KURVE Wustrow offers various training courses and coachings in the fields of conflict transformation, non-violence and conflict-sensitive project management: for example, three weeks of basic training in non-violent conflict management, a series of practice-oriented specialist seminars, a “Do no harm” module course and peace expert coaching in “Do no harm”, as well as individual training offers.

Qualification network for civil non-violent conflict management (at the AGDF)

Some members of the AGDF (Action Committee Service for Peace), which have joined together in a qualification network, hold courses and specialist seminars in civil non-violent conflict management. In addition to the KURVE Wustrow, these members include, for example: "Nonviolent Action", the Peace Building Institute in Cologne, the Peace Circle Halle and the Workshop for Nonviolent Action, Baden. These courses qualify participants to handle conflicts constructively, whether for private or professional everyday life, for a new job as a trainer for non-violent action or for work as a specialist in Germany or abroad.

Studies in peace and conflict research

Information on master's programmes in the field of peace and conflict research in German-speaking countries can be found on the website of the Working Group for Peace and Conflict Research (AFK).

AGIAMONDO and Bread for the World

These two CPS church organisations cooperate in putting together a counselling and training programme each year, consisting of preparatory seminars, training courses, workshops and events for returnees. Diverse topics from the areas of peace and development, methods - counselling - communication, communication behaviour and conflict models, project management and facilitation are offered.

The seminars offer the peace experts opportunities for professional and personal development – geared towards professional capacity building. Some of the seminars are also aimed at experts from other organisations and those committed to development policy in addition to the experts from AGIAMONDO and Bread for the World. Furthermore, there are offers for returning experts.