CPS experts must not only possess commitment, but also professional and life experience.

Professional and life experience required

CPS experts must not only possess commitment, but also professional and life experience. Requirements include

  • professional qualification.
  • several years' professional experience in a field relevant to CPS,
  • active commitment and involvement in civil society and community initiatives,
  • organisational abilities and negotiation skills,
  • good interpersonal skills, patience and resilience.

Experts might need additional qualifications that are directly related to their assignment.

Training Opportunities

There are a range of training opportunities for people who are interested in civil, non-violent conflict resolution. Some member organisations of the CPS Consortium have devised their own training programmes. While some of the courses consist of modules that can be taken individually, others are run over several months.

Academy for Conflict Transformation at forumZFD

The Academy for Conflict Transformation that is part of forumZFD offers courses, workshops, and seminars on sustainable peace building in Germany and abroad. It has developed into a centre of learning and a place where current issues of peace development, civil conflict management, and the activities of CPS are discussed and debated. Apart from ten-week advanced training programmes for conflict experts and consultants delivered in English and German, the academy offers a range of one-day to three-day courses. The current, fundamental questions in peace development and policy are discussed in lectures and conferences.

Qualification Network for Civil Non-Violent Conflict Management (at AGDF)

Some members of the Action Committee Service for Peace (AGDF) provide courses and expert seminars in civil, non-violent conflict resolution. These include the Centre for Training and Networking in Non-Violent Action "KURVE Wustrow", "Gewaltfrei Handeln" (ecumenical peace organisation based in Diemelstadt-Wethen); "Fränkisches Bildungswerk für Friedensarbeit" (Franconian Educational Institute for Peace Work), "Friedenskreis Halle" (Halle Peace Group), and "Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion, Baden" (Workshop for Non-Violent Action Baden). The courses devised by the above organisations enable participants to handle conflicts, for example at work or in their private lives, in a constructive manner. Some courses prepare people for work as trainers in non-violent action or peace work in Germany or abroad.

Third-Level Courses

For information on Master programmes in peace studies and conflict resolution in German-speaking countries, please refer to the website of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (AFK).